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Why Collections & Company

Businesses choose us because we are a turnkey solution for those in the collections space. Our simple, yet innovative collections website, known as Connection 4 Collection, allows the client to negotiate a settlement, pay all at once or through installments, monitor their account, and much more. Our collections software, Collection Gateway, integrates with Connection 4 Collection, is highly simplistic for the end user, but offers advancements that other collections software cannot provide. Our merchant services program allows for you to receive the lowest rates possible by leveraging our vast portfolio . When it is all said and done our products are streamlined to help you become a leader in the collections marketplace.

Connection 4 Collection

For optimal success Connection 4 Collection works in tandem with Collection Gateway to allow your debtors to settle their debts. The debtor may negotiate a lower amount, opt for installments, monitor their account and many other unique features.


Direct database connection b/w your collections website & your debt collection software. When client interactions occur, it automatically updates their account & you are notified.


All data on the web is secure from prying eyes. Payments that go through the website go into your account, and are put into a Que awaiting a transaction order or can be setup for auto pay.

No Delays

Real time, real time, real time! As interactions occur, the clients account is updated immediately.

Collections Gateways

Is a web-based CRM that will organize, sustain, and allow your business to thrive in the collections space. Whether you have 1 or many call centers our program will have your business performing at an optimal level, simply at the click of the mouse.


State of the art & highly informative reporting. A few of the topics are: how many calls, how many closings, stages, & others that are vital for your agency to perform at an optimal level.


Keeping your client's information is of the utmost importance. Our security features are state of the art and would make Ft. Knox envious!


Add unlimited rooms and users to your account. Many levels: Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, and Agent.

Merchant Services

Collecting payments whether it is credit card, ACH, check, Zappcart or something else is very difficult in the collections space. Our sister company, AMG Merchant Services, allows us to provide an affordable, trustworthy, & sustainable processing solution.

Direct Link

Direct API connection for your merchant account and your collections CRM. Set it up on auto pay or process payments manually through a different merchant account.

Planned Payments

Setup clients on auto pay or installments if they cannot pay all at once.

Low Rates

Getting low rates is needed if you are going to have a successful business. We are able to provide low rates according to a few factors.