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Collections Gateway


Get a Debt Collection Software That Is Everything You Want It To Be!

Our Collections CRM, Collections Gateway, provides your collection agency with every feature it needs to be successful in the collections space. It is user friendly, mobile friendly, allows for multiple rooms and multiple users and much more. Some of the feature are:

  • Collecting and organizing real time client interactions from your customized website.
  • Making payments at a mass or individual level, using our merchant account API.
  • Importing or creating agents or accounts at a mass or individual level.
  • Keeping up with commissions in real time.
  • In detail reporting on needed items.
  • Capability to create and view multiple rooms.
  • User friendly calendar that will auto update payments that are ready to be reconciled.
  • Alerts notifying about payments pending or important items that are unsettled.
  • Billboard to create competition amongst the rooms.
  • Customizable dashboard.


Our pricing is key to your success as a small or large company. We have a user based pricing structure for our collections agency software and you can learn more at View Pricing.


You can upload multiple files per account, so everything is in order and easy to find. Also import accounts using a spreadsheet, and assign them all in one step.

Cloud Based

Our cloud based system makes life easy on you and your computers. All information is backed up on a daily basis and at different locations. You can access the system from any device and still get the features you need.

Mobile Accessibility

Do you want to check in to see how your room is doing while you are on the move? Sure no problem. Our CRM has a reporting view that is informative and easily manageable from your mobile device.